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Friday, February 26, 2016

12.03 Marching In Berlin

I wrote many times before, that the government of the FRiG is on a warpath against
the own population with the justice, the police, the mass media and even the unions
all play along. The vast majority of them receives a paycheck paid from taxpayers
money, though instead of serving their interests they rather follow a suicidal agenda
laid out by psychopaths. Conscience ? Negative.

Since the FRiG is not a state, Germans are stateless, thus without rights and treated
accordingly. North-African countries emptied their prisons and nuthouses and sent
inmates up north, where they lead a privileged life with free medical treatment, free
taxi rides and free food and lodging. So to put that straight African criminal invaders,
please don´t use the term "fugitive" in that context, downgraded many Germans to 
second class citizens.

These Germans however don´t take it any longer and resistance is brewing. On March,
12th a demonstration in Berlin takes place and hopefully hundreds of thousands peace-
ful people participate. I myself had loved to join in, but can´t due to my current
location. Although at times i am a bit sluggish, for this advent i would get my butt in
gear and travel to Berlin, because of the events importance. I dearly hope for once the
people stand as one with no flags of any kind sported and violence being avoided,
though some politicians certainly deserve a good old spanking.


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