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Friday, August 18, 2017

Russia - A Travel Report

I traveled to Russia embedded in the Druschba 2017 tour with plenty of anticipaton
and my expectations were completely met. Here is, what happened ...

___Sankt Petersburg

Upon arrival at Pulkovo- Airport migration proceedings went smoothly with no pic-
ture taken nor fingerprints. I took a taxi to my hotel and when getting their, the cab
driver asked for a hell lot of money, what i dished out not knowing he was a fraudster
using a manipulated meter. Another Druschbanero was stolen his wallet, annoying
for shure, though outside of Bhutan these incidents happen and cannot really tarnish
my overall great opinion of the Russian people.

My time in S. P. was limited, so i could not examine the Eremitage or the Winter Pal-
ace with its jaw dropping yet a bit kitschy architecture extensively, however a stroll
through the inner city including a boat ride was enough to inhale the cities grandeur.
S. P. like Moscow has a fantastic Metro-Station system with every single station
equipped with a one of its kind interior. It is not necessary to wait longer, than two
minutes, before a high speed train rattles in and what also strikes, is the cleanness.
The Russian cities from what i have seen are in general very neat and i can not recall
having seen any scrawls on the wall or garbage in the streets.

___Weliki Nowgorod

Before we received a warm welcome from city officials we visited a German soldier
cementary fostered by Russians. Dying thousands of miles from home in a banksters
war - intangible madness. One of the oldest cities in Russia with an own Kremlin i
enjoyed the lush evening at the river.


Another charming town nestled at the Wolga river. Highlight there was a concert from
a Balalaika orchestra, one of the most marvellous thing i have heard in music. I did not
find any footage, but they sounded similar to this one.


I checked in the Beta Ismailova hotel, which is a huge complex built for the 1980
Olympic games. I had a nice room for under 30 Euros per night, what busted my only
prejudice i had, that Moscow is very expensive. In fact a middle western income can
cope with the prices, though i understand for the average Russian, especially if he
works for the state, it is not easy to make a decent living. The downtown area albeit
is an different matter, the Maibach car dealership certainly is doing darn good with
plenty of their cars on the streets, the unit selling for 13, 5 million Rubels.

Of course i visited the Red Square and the Kremlin. Next to the Kremlin is the Great
Moskvoretsky bridge, where Boris Nemtsow was shot and killed. Unlike him i made
it to the other side,perhaps it had someting to do, that i did not have a woman of
shady origin at my side and didn' boast "Putin wants to kill me, Putin wants to kill me",
what could have caught the attraction of a certain three letter organisation starting
with a C and ending with an A.

In Moscow for the first time during my trip i had an more in-depth conversation with
an German speaking woman. She told me she works for TASS news agency and is not
allowed to write something negative about the government similar to what happens
here in FRiG. Also she was critically about Russia Today, which in my humble opini-
on posesses a lot more credibility, than its western counterparts. Another woman said,
the youth is not very happy with the current somewhat stagnating situation. Not sure,
what she meant, but when i saw the many youngsters with holes cut in their pants, i
guess plenty of them are prone of following every western nuisance and strive for
equal senseless consumerism.

Above Moscow my critically schooled eye detected chemtrails and also some HAARP
activities. Add to that, hat the Russian central bank is (still ?) controlled by Rothschild
and the Russian flag bears a free masonry double headed eagle Russia might not be as
independant, as we perceive it.

Our stay in Moscow ended with a party at the biker gang Nightwolves headquarter, one
of the most bizarre places, i have ever been to with plenty of scrapmetal masterfully
welded. Boss Saldostanow was busy somewhere else, but the members we met were
great dudes helping Druschbaneros all along the way. It was a night to remember ...


There i stayed in the Russya hotel,which is very old and still sports the socialist atmos-
phere from its heyday, a great place. We also visited a large ceremony at a monument
for perished Russian soldiers during WW 2, when a huge battle took place here.


On our way back home we came through Lukaschenko's dark empire and guess what,
Minsk is modern, progressive city with plenty of beautiful women and great food.

That so far is my rather superficial overview. I must say i enjoyed the trip very much
with a chock-full of great memories and want to thank again Rainer Rothfuß and Ove
Schattauer,you can't ask for better and more integer gentlemen heading the operation
and all the others from Paneurasia travelagency to the volunteers in Russia for making
it possible. Reknowned filmmaker Dirk Pohlmann accompanied the journey and will
release a documentary later on, what is something to watch out for.

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