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Friday, March 15, 2019

Baphomet And The Moon Bump

While in the U.S.A I recently witnessed a show named " World of Dance " where
a jury judged about dance performances. That jury consisted of three persons
shown in the picture above and I wonder, who is male or female - actually for the
schooled eye it is pretty easy to tell. The male sits in the middle and is called JLo
or Jennifer Lopez. The square lower jaw, broad shoulders combined with a strong
neck and piercing glance leaves no doubt "she" is a male-to-female or MTF. On the
other hand the "boys" sitting next to "her" have very soft faces and absolutely zero
masculinity. They seem to be dancers and surely were meant to be females.

So what is this transgender bollocks all about ? My take is, that this world is
ruled by freemasons, who are usually Satanists and worship a goat god named
Baphomet, who possesses characteristics of both, men and women and people like
these are the pinnacle of humankind in their opinion. That is, why in politics, sports
or showbiz transgendered people are ubiquitous and "normal" folks have a hard
time to become successful in certain genres.

For "women", who want to hide their swapped gender the moon bump was invented,
a belly made of silicon pretending a pregnancy. Famous user for instance are Serena
Williams, Meghan Markle or former German party leader Frauke Petry. I am pretty
convinced they are all mental nutcases.

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