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Thursday, March 21, 2019

Dividing The People - A Trump Masterclass And Christchurch

Some two weeks ago POTUS Donald Trump called Apple boss Tim Cook Tim
Apple in front of a rolling camera and cheekily affirmed afterwards he said
Tim Cook Apple. Trump haters saw themselves confirmed he is a lying bastard
and Trump supporters were immediately falling over each other. CNN and
MSNBC who cater for the haters camp and FOX News fur the Trumpers had
plenty to talk about, for all three Trump is a cash cow and I assume those who
control them make sure he remains in office next year since the Democrats have
no such controversial figure in their rows except perhaps Pedo Joe.

In Christchurch,NZ, we recently saw a more elaborated example of dividing the
people with the alleged terrorist attack on two mosques. I saw the live video
with the shooter on the rampage before it was taken down and I can assure you
every nine year old ego-shooter finds his games more realistic than that low
definition garbage. The bloke went inside the mosque and there were already
bodies stacked up face down lying in the corner with no blood or holes in the
wall could be spotted and also any sort of panic or screams were amiss. He fired
a couple of rounds and left, then came back when one the victims in the hallway
all of a sudden was not barefoot any longer, but wore blue socks. As usual a drill
was conducted prior and also shady John Podesta of Pizzagate has been seen in NZ.

NZ-Premier Jacinda Ardern ( perhaps not a biological woman, but another trans -
gender ) reacted as expected by showing instant solidarity with the Muslims and
vowing to tighten up the already tough gun laws. Locals thought their country is
not only a safe haven for the super rich, but for themselves too. Many of them will
live from now on in fear, what is on of the main purposes of such a hoax or psy-op.

Here I compiled a couple of videos …

Jacinda Ahern (with interesting comments)

Shooting scene

Here bullet cases miraculously disappear (scroll down)

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