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Friday, August 16, 2013


This video shows Larry Silverstein, who leased the asbestos contaminated twin towers seven weeks before the attack and insured them way too high against demolition. He usually spent the mornings in the building, but at that particular one had an appointment with his dermatologist. After the towers collapsed he collected 4.5 billion dollars from Swiss Re insurance company. The Carlyle Group is a major defense contractor and was closely associated with the Bush family. They received some handsome orders to reinforce the homeland security. After the attack the U.S. started their war against terror in Afghanistan and shortly afterwards went into Irak. As usual funds for that were provided by the Federal Reserve Bank. The FED is a legalized cartel of mighty banker families, which accumulated unprecedented wealth by financing wars for centuries and through the scandalous money creation system ( i always chuckle, when Forbes releases the list of the world's richest people and a software dude, who also runs a dubious vaccination program, shows up on top of the list). These aristocrats own the U.S. $ and have the power to plot another financial crisis anytime with their boom and bust scheme. Probably some of those named above meet next month at ground zero, where a third !! building (WTC 7) tumbled down without the impact of an colliding aircraft, for mourning and conducting speeches. Here is another video investigating the circumstances of the attack and all this raises a question. Were thousands of lives and various buildings sacrificed for sinister purposes ? If so, wouldn't it be more appropriate to follow the money instead of  chasing some ragtag in the caves of Afghanistan to find the true culprits ? Just askin' ...

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