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Thursday, August 8, 2013

German General Election 2013 Preview

Almost seven weeks to go and for conspiracy theorists the outcome is already done and dusted. P€€r Steinbrück (SPD) and Jürgen Trittin (Green Party) received invitations from the Bilderberger Group and joined their meetings making it clear these two were chosen to form the next government. Should one pay attention to this hint ? Very much so since history is full with politicians coming to power after having visited such meetings not least Barack Obama, who made smooth and rapid headway from a little known senator to the top. And it makes sense for the money nobelity. Listening to the  the red/green rhetorik the following scenario is very likely: - The floodgates will open and more German money will float down south - Eurobonds will be introduced making Germany accountable for foreign debts - Turkey will join the European Union trying to reinforce the Islamization. Add to this cohorts of people from Eastern Europe, who in 2014 will be entitled to enter Germany and apply for social benefits, if they can't find a job and everything is laid out for mischief and mayhem. Then to bond all those bickering countries tighter together and take away some more of their sovereignty the U.S. - European free trade zone will come - a further step to the New World Order ! At some point all debt riddled European countries will helplessly flunder at strings pulled by the high finance after these have picked up the pieces. In an earlier post i mentioned a guy named Jesse Ventura, who will run for U.S. president in 2016 and will hopefully teach some suits a lesson or two. Unfortunately here in Germany we have nobody of that calibre, but i surely hope Bernd Lucke and the AfD receive enough votes to exert influence. The sad thing is that not only Zimbabwe needs election observers, Germany needs them too. Anyhow, good luck Bernd !

" There are many reasons to leave things as they are and only one to change something : You can't stand it anymore."  - Hans Curt Flemming

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