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Thursday, August 29, 2013

List of Disgrace

All the world is a stage with the unmasked B. Obama and A. Merkel two of the biggest actors. Here is a list with disgraceful things they nor their puppet masters want us to know about with accompanying videos.
1.) THE MONEY SYSTEM - Essential knowledge

2.) FEMA CAMPS - Federal Emergency Management camps. When the system crashes
                                  and civil unrest arises thousands of insurgants can be detained.

3.) HAARP - Powerful tool to influence the weather. Also can be used as a weapon.

4.) RFID CHIP - Once we all have one implanted their mission has been acclompished.

5.) CHEM TRAILS - Sprayed nano aluminium particles infiltrating the brain causing
                              Alzheimer disease or other mental problems.

6.) CO ² SWINDLE - Whatever caused the climate change, apparently it is not carbon

7.) COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS - Another secret society.

Some would dismiss all this as NWO humbug, but it is  well documented and when respected personalities as Alex Jones, Jesse Ventura, Ron Paul, Gerald Celente or Edward G. Griffin report about it i better listen and don't take it lightly. The war against terror already turned  into a war against the people, because some old white men sitting on trillions of dollars cannot leave  mankind alone, but need to bug them in their pursuit of happiness with some one world government bollocks. Living in a world with Photoshop or alibi agencys, what can you still believe or whom can you  trust ? We are living in an atmosphere of constant manipulating and spying everywhere
making it necessary to check information from reliable sources other than mainstream media and then form one's own opinion. That said i order my " Team Snowden " shirt now.

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