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Friday, March 25, 2016

Democracy German Style

In this video a courageous man reports about his experiences while functioning as a
election observer for the movement during the recent regional elections
in Baden-Wuerttemberg. At first he noticed, that voters didn´t need to present a pass-
port and even worse instead of ball point pens, pencils of this brand were used to mark
the ballots - it takes only a damp cloth to wipe off the crosses ! When he asked the
election supervisor, what that is all about, the police were called to escort him outside.
So, if you thought elections in the FRiG are conducted more correctly than in Zim-
babwe, please think again.

While i could curse the German government all day long for valid reasons i am not
shure they are the main problem. The blogger Killerbee wrote an excellent article,
where he gets it spot on, writing that the core of the problem are subjects like the
election supervisor or landlords evicting elderly people to make room for illegal invad-
ers, who bring more money. Solidarity within the population is low, because of the  
great number of people executing unmoral orders or being greedy and egoistic.

What, if ...

... the official from the German finance agency refuses to write out a cheque about
    500 Mio. Euros for Ukrainian mass murderer Poroschenko ?
... the policeman refuses to protect the fat cats, but rather serves the people and
    doesn´t turn a blind eye on criminal migrants ?
... the journalist refuses to spread lies and manipulations among the people and tells
    the truth for instance about the recent Brussels attacks ?
... the teacher refuses to turn his students into useless systemites, but equipps them
    with essential knowledge ?

They all would lose their jobs of course unless their potential successors are in denial
too and thus they not doing it citing the family they have to feed or the debts they
have to pay off - same old song and dance and it seems many positions within the
system are occupied with people, who can be blackmailed.
The old saying "rather die standing, than living on the knees" is certainly a bit exagg-
erated in that context, but it goes in that direction. If more people come forward and
just say "no, enough is enough" Merkel, De Maiziere, Maas ( i despise each and every-
one of the folks he hired to spy out the people on the internet for politically incorrect
remarks, i wouldn´t do for any amount of money offered ) and the others would
quickly be disguised as what they are - sorry and pitiful figures.

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