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Thursday, March 31, 2016

( Free -) Mason Wells - A Dude You Shouldn't Have Company With

The foto shows handsome Mormon Mason Wells and i am not
shure, what to make of him. It seems, wherever that schlemiel
goes a terrorist attack occurs, which he all survived so far,
what makes him a lucky devil on the other hand.

Come on, let's get serious, what are the odds that someone is
on site during the Paris, Boston and Brussels attacks unless he
is the guy they are after ? Right ...

I stick my neck out and assert all three events were hoaxes,
staged by the illuminati, concealed by the mainstream media and debunked by alter-
native filmmaker. It happens in plain site and everyone, who goes through life with
open eyes should have noticed it by now and know, how to handle the next " terrorist "
attack with probable crisis actors involved like that miserable Mr. Wells.

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