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Thursday, April 27, 2017

+++ 27.4. Anti-Terror Drill In Kiel +++

Today, a huge anti-terror drill took place in the northern German town of Kiel. Now
experience tells us, that frequently after such drills alleged Muslim terror attacks will
happen as we have seen in London, Paris or most recently in Stockholm. Those, who
live there or want to visit Kiel should keep there eyes open, avoid masses of people
and folks wearing uniforms. The approaching regional elections are another hint, that
something could be planned by mind twisted scumbags ruling our world.

Writing of terror attacks, another one was executed on April, 11 targeting the team
bus from football club Borussia Dortmund. Three roadside bombs were planted, but
not allotted high enough with explosives to cause major damage or kill someone.
Since the installment of the bombs looks like a professional job one wonders, why
they were underdosed with substances, i mean every kid rapidly figures out, how
many firecracker are needed to blast a mail box. Clearly no one should be injured
gravely and the whole incident has written psychological operation all over it.

To stir up confusion several groups allegedly claimed responsibility, when they even-
tually presented to us an Russian-German loner as the supposed culprit, who also fits
nicely the current enemy image. His plan was to make a tidy profit with a modest
investment through shady stock deals by blowing up the team with BVB club stocks
falling subsequently. And to be most inconspicous he behaved like a gorilla in a
porcelain shop demanding a room on the top floor in the team hotel, from where he
wanted to ignite the bombs. My verdict : No one with a leftover of five functioning
brain cells believes the charade.

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