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Thursday, April 13, 2017

United Airlines Aircraft Violence

During an incident on an United Airlines aircraft a man was violently dragged out of
the plane. The Airline explained, that they overbooked the seats expecting not every-
body to show up. Though when exactly that happened United staff tried with vouchers
to convince passengers to take another flight and when that attempt failed too, they
applied violent measures.

To me in a nutshell it describes perfectly to what the "Western Community Of Values"
has come down to. At first they overbook seats to maximise profits. When this does
not function, they try to sort out trouble with bloody vouchers for the cattle on the
cheap seats and when that still doesn't work out, force and violence are applied to
remind people to whose rules they have to play. Some say, it is all staged and com-
plete garbage, but even if so, it doesn't change a bit of the above written.

Others might argue "Come on, this is the USA, a country infested with greed and
violence, won't happen anywhere else." Wrong. For example Germany is one of
very few countries with the obligation to send kids to school. The children shall
learn, what they are allowed to know, not what they should know. When parents
decide they want to school their kid at home and not hand it over to grimy left-
green teachers, a police squad of until forty man could show up at their threshold
to take away that kid from her parents. Same with the manadatory fees for the
public television, when special forces raided homes from people, who refused to
pay for state propaganda. So you see, brute force and ignorance are not a sole
US-American specialty, their vasalls are capable too ...

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