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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Agenda 2030

The other day, a TV-set was running in my presence, when all of a sudden a face
showed up, that only a mother could love, belonging to German chancellora A.
Merkel. With the remote control out of reach i had to listen to her, when she ex-
plained emotionless her mission - the implementation of the Agenda 2030.

The agenda is a project by the United Nations (UN), the organisation using the
Flat Earth map in their logo. The agenda consists of seventeen points sounding
reasonable at first glance with the word "sustained" frequently used, but after
closer inspection the message is clear. It is the blueprint for the planned intro-
duction of worldwide communism under a one world government. published a brilliant article by Michael Snyder, who decoded
the whole scam, it is an eye opening read making it very clear, that Merkel does
not give a bloody whit about Germany and "those, who live longer here", but
is a puppet of the NWO-elite.

I took a look at who is financing the UN and found out the USA provides a big
portion of the funds and as we know, those who pay for the music determine
what will be played at least, if they were not under Jewish control. So in my
humble opinion, when American and Jewish governments, secret services and
bankers would be serious, they could make the world a better place quasi over
night, but of course they are not. The former strive for the Pax Americana de-
manding economic, military and cultural hegemony, while the Jews want to
realize the Yinon-Plan making peace in the Middle-East impossible.

The Agenda 2030 is nothing but smoke screen and mirrors and a tool with the
sole purpose to install the NWO.

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