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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Druschba - Friendship Ride Through Russia

After the successful tour in 2016 Rainer Rothfuß and Ove Schattauer once again
organised a journey to Russia and i get on board this time albeit a little later due
to job commitments. To accomodate different preferences there are several routes
now to choose from.

Russia and Pres. Putin recently got out of the limelight somewhat thanks to US-Pres.
Trump and his antics, however neither the U.S deep state nor their vasalls in Europe
have any intentions to seek better relations with Russia. The Military Industrial
Complex doesn't need peace wanting to sell their crap, so they tried already twice to
pull Russia in vain into a war in the Ukraine and Syria and they will keep on pushing
usually with John McCain (Rep) as their senile frontman. Also the U.S.-American
administration will continue to drive a wedge between Europe, especially Germany,
and Russia since an alliance would mean the end of the U.S hegemony - George
Friedman of Stratfor is very clear about this.

The journey to Russia is a great event with hopefully plenty of coverage to demon-
strate,that we,the people, do not accept any unjustified agressions and warmongering
against the Russians and want to live with them peacefully in good neighborship.

If you want to participate, their are still a couple of days left to register here ...

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