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Thursday, June 15, 2017

The Hamburge SV And Us Germans

The Hamburger SV is my local football club, who after another dismal season
was nearly relegated down to the second league. Of course these highly paid
players didn't hang their heads in shame, but celebrated all night long for their
underachievement. With a passing rate of 33 % it had nothing to do with proper
football, what they did, though at least they deserve credit for one thing. When
push came to shove they mobilized the mental will and developed the physical
strenght to score decisive goals in the final minutes to avoid relegation. What has
that now to do with the public of Germany ? Read on ...

On paper the Federal Republic in Germany is ruled by chancellora and NWO
floozie Angela Merkel. She doesn't make a secret of her disgust for the nation
and "those, who live longer here". Her finance minister mocks the people on
a regular base and other ministers in the cabinet are the worst politicians in the
history of the country and guess what ? We will see all of them again after the
next genaral elections - Germans are not resentful. What else can be said ?

- Germans believe clumsy executed hoaxes as happened in Berlin or Munich,
      but not, that they live in an occupied nation.
- ... are not only football champs, but also in the consumption of pills and the
      separation of waste.
- ... are peaceful yet sell vast amounts of arms.
- ... like to travel abroad wearing sandals combined with white socks. However
      in the future pregnant female soldiers will go in style to combat with their
      maternity wear.
- ... spend plenty of money for their cars, but very little for food.
- ... tend to be grumpy, but fill up stadiums , when the so called comedian Mario
      Barth narrates his abysmal jokes.
- ... are rich. During the finance crisis a bank transferred billions of dollars to the
      Lehman Brothers only days before their collapse. Doesn't matter, we have
      more to fritter away to compensate bad decisions.
- ... are the only ones, who pay for propaganda spoonfed by public broadcasting
- ... are envious, if the neighbour drives a bigger car.
- ... are rule follower, though commit dirty deeds, when someone else accepts
- ... like to clap along not only during folk music shows, but also when illegal
      migrants arrive by train.
- ... will always carry self-hate for something occured many years ago.

Exaggerated or not, i have comprehension, if someone cannot warm up with the
German population and that also counts for Merkel - not her fault, if the Germans
do not punish her for acting treasonous. As the HSV the Federal Republic in Ger-
many is badly managed by incompetent people, with the latter also by folks ,
whose first and foremost requirement is being unscrupolous by supporting an sys-
tem of injustice. This species can mostly be found in politics and the mainstream
media in appaling quantities. With all my travels i can affirm, that Germans still en-
joy a good reputation abroad, but have to deal with hefty interior self-hatress by top
rank officials trying to extradite the whole nation to globalists. Personally i wonder
day-in day-out , that the country is still comparatively going strong and not bogged
down by redistributing enormous sums of money from the dilligent to the useless.
"You can't keep a good man down" or so they say and it seems Germany is still full
of great men and women, who keep the boat afloat as the HSV does theirs.

It is uncertain, wether that continues. Right now tendencies of fascism and islami-
zation go hand in hand and no matter, should one ideology prevail it is going to
get ugly, though it is still time to draw the right conclusions and take actions to
keep the FRiG a country wort living it.

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