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Thursday, November 9, 2017

Druschba Friendship Ride And The Mainstream Media

German TV- channel  NDR broadcasted a report about the Druschba Friendship
Ride 2017 to Russia and its content must be seen as a major insult for everyone
involved in that project. Speaking for myself i joined in to combine pleasure with
the useful meaning getting to know the country along with the people while acting
as a peace activist at the same time. Heading the organisation are Rainer Rothfuß
and Owe Schattauer, who are both 100 % behind the cause thus working long hours
to make it happen neglecting their families and main jobs. They do, what politicians
are supposed  to do and since especially German politicians are  complete dropouts
we should be thankful for their dedication.

On another occasion the beforementioned NDR gloryfies Marieluise Beck of the
Green Party for her role in the Ukraine conflict, where she supports the sellouts
in Kiev. The NDR is fed through mandatory fees and in return we get the promo-
tion of war mongering scoundrels, while those trying to seek peace and friendship
are sabotaged - disgusting.

One of these saboteurs is Steffen Dobbert ,a hack for the Bilderberger gazette " ZEIT"
and interviewed for the video above. It takes some boldness to sit in front of a camera
and tell some brazen lies as he did through his teeth. I have sent him a mail to ask for
his motivation since it should be in our main interest to have a good relationship with
Russia, but of course to no avail. At least some local papers wrote nicely about the
project, so not everything is lost, however one thing is for shure. Should one of those
responsible for the garbage cross my path i am ready to kick butt ...

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