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Thursday, November 23, 2017

The Germans - A Nation Of Self-Abandoment And Erosion ?

The following partly fictional story depicts the mindset of many Germans quite nicely.

In 2016 the European football championships took place in France. Its president F.
Hollande needed urgently a successful outcome to lift the general mood and his stan-
ing. To make shure nothing gets in between he called up chancellora Merkel and asked
her to use her influence to thwart a German victory just in case. Merkel never made a
secret of her disliking of Germany and the people and while Germany is a economic
powerhouse and already world champ a further success would smother the other Euro-
pean countries even further and so she agreed to the plan.

She contacted football league president Niersbach and let him know, what is expected
from the national team. To Merkel's dismay Niersbach declined any involvement and
stepped down shortly afterwards allegedly because of age reasons. His successor be-
came slick CDU-man Reinhard Grindel, who is not under suspicion to oppose any
political orders from above. I suppose, what occured to Niersbach is the same, what
happened to former Federal President Wulff. Those, who do not play along are taken
out of the way.

Then Grindel phoned coach Löw and explained to him , that for the sake of superior
poltical accomplishments,it is sometimes necessary to fix a football match. Löw
nodded full of understanding and singled out two players to execute the job, which
were Schweinsteiger and Boateng. Both had nearly won everything in their sport, are
servile and not known for controversial political comments.

What followed was indeed the match Germany vs France in the semi-finals. Briefly
before halftime Schweinsteiger went with both extended arms to the ball in the box
in a manner i haven't seen before watching football for decades. He caused a penalty
and France the lead. After halftime all of a sudden Boateng , who played another in-
explicable handball the game before, was lying on the ground holding his leg. He got
substituted and the French benefitted from the confusion in the German defence
scoring the second goal, when again Schweinsteiger didn't tackle properly. So France
won the game only to lose the final, what was not part of the plan.

Here i didn't notice any outcry about all the above, though Schweinsteigers coach
Mourinho at Manchester United booted him out of the squad and traded him to
Chicago right away. Boateng had to deal still a long time with his "injury" and is not
a major factor any longer. That both are publicity clowns for the food products indus-
try fits the picture. Coach Löw hesitated a long time before signing a new contract.

So far the story, which is based of conclusions and observations drawn from my ima-
gination in a country where lying and deceiving is somewhat normal. So i cannot claim
any correctness, but consider the narrative very concise. The bottom line and appall-
ing thing is, that with only one exception, every German mentioned acted as a traitor
selling his compatriots, teammates and last but not least punters. As usually all was
covered up by the mainstream media sitting in the same boat with politics. In another
episode, the word "national" was scratched from the term national team and the new
team jersey is a rehash from the 1990's one, only with the colours black, red and gold
exchanged for grey.

When we look at the migrant crisis, there are cohorts of pilots, captains and bus
drivers acting in a similar way by trafficking illegals into the country. None of them
seems to think he is involved in criminal tampering and stop it following his cons-
cience, but rather feels "Why bother, somebody else accepts responsibility." The
asylum industry is thriving, because many folks want to make a quick Euro on their
neighbors expense, which demonstrates a massive lack of solidarity. I suggest either
Germans accept to move in the good old values as "courage, truth, justice and honour"
on a broad scale or close down the whole enchilada and hand it over to Brussels, the
Muslims or whoever ...

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