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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Nature - Strange Things Are Happening

I do some gardening and recently harvested, what i sowed. The crop however was
a little meager to my disappointment and now i am scratching my chin about the
reason. Perhaps i didn't prepare the soil properly, possible, though i suppose the
circumstances  to cultivate veggies in general are degrading.

Here in Hamburg i usually sit mostly under a thick blanket of grey clouds not all-
owing sunbeams to shine through. Many times these are artificilally generated
due to chemtrails and still people are clueless about their existence or live in
complete denial. Not far away in Marlow is the largest HAARP -facility world
wide. So if the clouds look like a washboard i know there is some activity going
on. Then there are pestizides containing Glyphosat under strong suspicion to cause
cancer and killing insects in masses. This infernal stuff is produced by a company
named Monsanto, who are also are responsible for gen manipulated seeds.

I guess, these are the main causes for my very moderate harvest of corn, potatoes,
beetroots or topinambour among others. These are the main causes, that the number
of bees, wasps, insects in general and with them the number of songbirds is dwind-
ling dramatically. But please don't bother the Green Party or Greenpeace, they rather
engage in the CO² swindle or combat  diesel fuel.

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