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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Dresden Hellstorm 13.2.1945

When i was young i had an argument with my father about the motivation, why Dres-
den was turned into hell on earth. I supposed the allies wanted to annihilate all Ger-
mans to make shure they won´t follow another evil leader once again, but what did
i know back then ...

Dresden was exempted from a bombardment for quite some time and the general be-
lieve was it had to do with the respect for the beauty of the city, the many hospitals
or that no heavy industries were around. On Feb. 12 th 1945 however the idyll was
turned into sheer horror, when a huge fleet of Royal Air Force bomber under the 
command of Arthur Harris attacked with the first wave. Meanwhile thousands of refu-
gees had flocked into Dresden escaping from the Red Army only to become victims
of one of the worst war crimes ever committed. At first the aircrafts dropped demo-
lition bombs, who blew away the roofs and these were followed by firebombs, who
set the whole city on fire causing such a intense heat, that many people were baked
in there cellars or perished in another way unimaginable. The allies flew four more
waves against the defenseless town and their pursuit planes even chased and killed
those who rescued themselves out of town at the river Elbe.

To understand, why it happened , the quotes from British Premier Winston Churchill
can shed some light about the reason.

"Germany´s most unforgivable crime before the Second World War was her attempt
 to extricate her economic power from the world´s trading system and to create her
 own exchange mechanism which would deny world finance its opportunity to profit"

Ok, there you have it. In 1938 Hitler tried to pull out of the Jewish controlled finance
system, what had to be prevented under any circumstances. It is clear now, that the
first as well as the second World War, who in reality was the continuation of the first
one, because after the first one no peace treaty were negotiated, were conducted to
bog down the German economy with the bombardment of many German towns
hoping the German economy would never recover again. That view of course changed
when Germany was needed in the cold war against Russia and as a money spinner for
the American usurpers, so the Morgenthau plan was put back into the drawer.

History textbooks written by the victors let us know,that Germany under Hitler started
the Second World War by attacking Poland - perhaps reality is quite different. Could
it be,that after the Versailles treaty Russia handed German territory over to the Pol-
ish who started to terrorise the German minority, from whom many got murdered so
 the German army had to march in to protect them. I have no interest to whitewash
German atrocities during the war, but i want to know the whole truth and that brings
me to the holocaust.I wrote before,that by law it is forbidden to deny him, though it is
legitimate to raise a few questions. Shall i believe Elie Wiesel´s story about six million
killed jews and his tenure in Auschwitz, if he perhaps wasn´t there or only for a short
period according to this filmmaker or rather two other jewish gentlemen,Norman Fink-
elstein and Gerard Menuhin, who insist the holocaust was made up to implant a guilt
complex into the Germans and let them pay until their end of times. When this was
the plan he was fully successful  watching how German officials are humping towards

Brother Nathanael´s stance about Elie Wiesel can be seen here

Cremation technology vs the Holocaust

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