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Friday, February 9, 2018

SpaceX Falcon Heavy Launch 6.2.

With NASA having lost most of their credibility thanks to their CGI fakery they shifted
the attention to SpaceX, a company founded by entrepeneur Elon Musk and controlled
by NASA, which in return are controlled by the Free Masons , which like to play us
for fools. The predecessor Falcon 9 shot up in flames and after some amendments the
Falcon Heavy , the most powerful rocket ever, was launched successfully. Once  the
outer space was reached to add to the spectacle a Tesla Roadster was released from
the capsule floating nicely in front of the ball shaped earth.

For me as a Flat Earther that was all i need to know to mark the event as another .
hoax. Now it can´t be denied that the rocket was launched and of course instead of
flying straight into the orbit, she flew an arch not wanting to hit the firmament or
perhaps trying to avoid the deadly Van Allen radiation belts ? Musk himself said, if
something like that looks clearly as a fake, it must be real. Shure Elon, shure, though
i am not diggin´it. Meanwhile plenty of clips are available  to check for yourself.

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