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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Women´s March In Berlin 17.2.

Women and girls certainly have to suffer the most from the migrant relocation and
many of them became victims of assaults, rape and were even stabbed to death.
Now they about had it and organised a protest march in Berlin to object the influx
of illegals into the country posing in many cases a constant threat to to the popula -
tion. Merkel (CDU), Schulz (SPD) and the other f*scist b*st*rds in the managing
government are of course already fully aware of this since they brought in the
masses to harrass those "who live longer here" as a part of the NWO. So they will
smile away the protests nodding in self-satisfaction since their "guests  are doing
what they are supposed to do.

And since it is not enough for righteous Germans to have enemies in politics, the main
stream media and the justice, they have to deal with more foes inside, namely leftist
dumbfucks. Last month a migrant from Afghanistan killed a 15-year old girl in the
small town of Kandel in Rhineland-Palatinate. Locals organised a funeral march, who
was gravely disturbed by leftist douchebags and guess, who joined their lines ? It was
the towns mayor Poss (SPD) ! That guy worries more about xenophobia, than the
local citizens he is responsible for in the first place. The folks in the country i am
currently living would turn him swiftly into condor fodder. Amazing, how they installed
a mayor in every small town completely following the agenda and betraying their own
people. Yet who knows, perhaps judgement day comes closer with that march and more
and more people speaking out against the ongoing madness. Further down i linked a
video made by women taking concise action agaist the circumstances.

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