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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Germany - Impressions From A Left / Green Madhouse

A picture from a previous post shows myself with a Peruvian woman wearing her tra-
ditional dress with pride of her cultural heritage. A German woman doing the same is
dubbed by other Germans with the N-word and so are women staying away from the
labour world to take care full time of their children.

-Berlin-  Women concerned about their security conducted a march through Berlin to
protest against the uncontrolled wave of migrants, from whom many pose a major
threat. They didn´t make it very far, because the leftist Antifa blocked many roads,
what is against the law, though police looked on and let it happen. The march also
came through the quarter of Kreuzberg, where Monika Herrmann is the mayor. She is
a member of the Green Party and of course lesbian. In a brilliant Interview Dr. Klaus
Maurer (link below) mentioned , how she turns a still family friendly Kreuzberg in
a no-go area littered with dealer, junkies and migrants. According to many statements
it won´t take long until Berlin must be considered one of the worst shitholes in the
Western hemisphere.

-Dresden- Last Saturday a group of people gathered together to commemorate the
300000+ people, who died in an act of barbarism during a bombardment of the allies
of Dresden in Feb. 1945. The group was surrounded not only by the ubiquitous Anti-
fa, but was also harrassed by the police. Nonetheless the always good humored "Volks-
lehrer" conducted a fabulous speech expressing positive patriotism frowned upon by
authorities. Dresden also sports an piece of architecture of monstrous ugliness and one
has to ask oneself, who gives permission and funds to make it happen . What is the
name of the architect ? Libeskind ? Ok, got you, no further explanations necessary.
That man is also responsible for this and also this and can only run riot in a nation
completely submissive to the chosen tribe.

-Hamburg- Here the "Merkel Has To Go"- movement gains more and more momentum.
As usual the organizers and every participant have to deal with the black dressed
hordes  with very little support from the police, who encircled them. Despite all
this the great determination not to withdraw a single inch to rescue the country is
notice- and remarkable.

-München- The maker of this video revealed that mayor Dieter Reiter is deeply con-
nected with leftist networks and sponsors their meeting point "Kafe Marat", which in
return is observed by the intelligence service. In München it is also common practice
to threat pubs with the revokation of their licence, if they host the right party AfD.

-Burgwedel/Pinneberg- In Burgwedel two Syrian families just moved into a brand new
500000 Euro twin home, while in Pinneberg we were introduced to Ahmad, who is a
happy cookie living in a nice home with his two wifes and six kids with the seventh
underway. I definitely feel all this is done to provoke an uprising perhaps even a civil
 war of  the local population against migrants. Most certainly footage of that spreads
around the world, cause a suction effect and will lure more migrants into Germany.

So what to make of all of this. In this video Ursula Haverbeck,a 87 year old lady sitting
behind bars for denying the holocaust speaks out,how the Federal Republic in Germany
is firmly in the grip of foreign evil forces settling their bucket list step by step to exe-
cute plans laid out by Hooton, Nizer and Kaufman.

1. German territory shall be divided in fractions  Häkchen
2. All of German education shall be destroyed.    Häkchen
3. Destruction of the German National-socialism  Häkchen
4. Drastic reduction of the German birth rate      Häkchen

5. Influx of millions of migrants with the target to breed Germans away   pending !

It´s upon upstanding Germans to resist the development and a good starting point are
canine politicians, the unscrupulous mainstream media and the justice. Although my
patriotic feelings for the FRiG are very limited i will join in once the possibility arises.

Ursula Haverbeck

Dr. Klaus Maurer

Der linksextreme Staat

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